2017-01-13 21:57:26 by XxKillerDCxX

hi. this is that guy who does not go on newgrounds often now. i don't know, the website did get boring for me, but i appreciate art, as i appreciate deviantart!! you should probably check it out.

pink season is also awesome.

ok bye


2016-04-01 21:51:53 by XxKillerDCxX

I love April Fool's day. Which in case, I'm about to leave this site.





But that's just a April Fools joke.


Okay I'll stop, happy April Fool's day. -J

I wonder.

2015-08-30 16:27:52 by XxKillerDCxX

Why do you guys follow/favorite/watch me when this account is very inactive?


"17 Fans"

15 Fans.

2014-09-27 14:46:05 by XxKillerDCxX

15 fans. Really. I'm surprised about that. (Well I mean it's not the greatest. Also I joined last year. xD)